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Women’s Haircuts | $40

  • A consultation is held to determine the individual needs of each client and their desired hairstyle. Every haircut includes a shampoo, condition and complete blow dry style.

  • Recommended upkeep for longer hairstyles 6-8 weeks. Shorter hairstyles 4-6 weeks.

Men’s Haircuts   | $20

  • All men's cuts come with a shampoo, finishing rinse and completed style.

  • Recommended upkeep 3-6 weeks depending on the style.

Kids Haircuts  | $15

Single Process Hair Color:

All Over Color  | $60+

  • Scalp to ends, one solid hair color.

  • Recommended upkeep 4-6 weeks.

All Over Color W/ Haircut  | $100+

Root Retouch | $45

  • This service includes enough color to cover up to 1.5 inches of regrowth.

  • If you have more than 1.5 inches of regrowth additional color fee will apply.

  • Recommended upkeep 4-6 weeks.

Additional Color Fee  | $15

  • (Anymore color needed there's an additional charge per tube.)

Men’s Color  | $35

Men's Color W/ Haircut  | $55

Specialty Color:

Partial Highlight  | $65+

  • A partial highlight or lowlight is used to add dimension or variation to color throughout the upper portion of your hair.

  • Recommended upkeep 6-8 weeks.

Partial Highlight w/ Haircut  | $105+

Full Highlight  | $100+

  • A Full head of highlights

  • Recommended upkeep 6-8 weeks.

Full Highlight w/ Haircut  | $140

Highlights and lowlights  | $110+

  • Highlights or Lowlights are used to add strands of varying color throughout the hair.

  • A full head highlight incorporates those tones throughout your entire head of hair.

Balayage  | $85+

  • Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. Sun-kissed natural looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth.

  • Recommended upkeep 6-8 weeks.

Ombre  | $125+

  • Ombre is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. Often the dark, top section is your natural hair color shade and the bottom section is lightened with hair lightener.

Sombre  | $135+

  • Sombre us a softer version of ombre, and includes full balayage and baby highlights to provide a seamless blend.


Toner/ Root smudge | $10+

  • A great (and sometimes necessary) add on for highlights and balayage.

Special Event Hair

Brazilian Blowout | $165

Blow dry style  | $35+

Upstyles  | $75+

  • (Special for your classiest event or a fun night out on the town, maybe for your birthday or other important event, an updo can be an extra special way to get prepped. From a messy bun to a sleek chignon or a decade inspired style)

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