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Tabitha & Tyler’s Wedding 9.19.20

Tabitha & Tyler’s Wedding 9.19.20 Photographer: @AshleyIcePhotos Make up: @shanelisemua Hair: @stylesbyalishazielinski

How did you two meet? We actually met through a dating site! I ignored him because I thought he was short (which is hilarious because he’s 6’6) then when I finally saw him he was SO TALL

When did you realize he was the one? I knew he was the one really early on! We were at the barn and I was watching him work his horse. He was so gentle and respectful, you could see how much he truly cared for the things in his life, and I remember thinking to myself, wow I really love this man want him everyday for the rest of my life!

Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place? Our favorite place is the gym! We get to push each other and compete to be our best selves together, plus it’s a wonderful relief after stressful days!

What advice would you have for the next Bride? Oh gosh, so many things, but the biggest one is to not worry about everyone else, it’s your wedding and your husbands; if you want to be non-traditional great, if you want to be super traditional also great! Don’t feel like you can’t be yourself Just because it isn’t “trendy” right now. And also....if you can afford it splurge for the hair, makeup, and coordinator! It will alleviate so much stress from the big day and it makes you feel confident and like a princess!

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