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Sarah & Elliott’s Wedding 10•16•21

Sarah & Elliott’s Wedding 10•16•21

Photographer: @LaurenRichterPhotography

Makeup: @samanthacbeauty

Hair: @stylesbyalishazielinski

•How did you two meet?

Kickball. I was new on the team and miraculously showed up early (I am always late). Elliott was just starting back on the team after a hiatus and was (not surprising) early to the game as well. We were the only two in the dugout and we had brief chit-chat while the rest of the team arrived. Not sure if we won or lost the game but we both parted ways thinking not too much of it. A Facebook friend request and 6 years later, now we're teammates for life.

•When did you realize he was the one?

I'm not sure it was ever 'one moment'. It happened slowly in a series of little mundane moments: sipping wine as we cook dinner, slow Saturday mornings with coffee on the couch - one day you look up at the person you didn't even realize you couldn't be without.

•Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place?

Our house. Home is where love grows.

•What advice would you have for the next Bride?

Book a venue that's full service (decorating, set up, breakdown, in-house coordinator) and book it soon. The devil isn't in the details; We barely looked at the center pieces on the guest tables. OH! Practice your dance with your groom in heels and a LONG DRESS before the big day. You'll look less like awkward middle schoolers that way ;)

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