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Ruby & Robert’s wedding

Ruby & Robert’s wedding 8•16•20

Venue: Jacob L. Loose Park Dress/Veil: Savvy Bridal Boutique @savvybridal Alterations: Fine Stitch LLC Officiant: Chris Nicolosi Photography: @photosbyneyan & @marissacribbsphoto Make Up: Ciera Butler @cieralynn_beauty Hair: Alisha Zielinski @stylesbyalishazielinski Flowers: my mother-in-law & I Arch: my father-in-law

• How did you two meet? Robert and I met at KU in 2016. We were in the same physics class and physiology class.

•When did you realize he was the one? For me, there wasn’t one particular moment where I realized he was the one. Rather, it was seeing how through job changes, moving towns together, in and out school, he always supported me. He encouraged me to do what makes me happy, whatever that may be. He was my support system, my cheerleader, and he made life so incredibly fun. I knew he had to be the one.

•Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place? We have a few favorite places. We love to take our fur babies to Heritage Dog Park. We have so much fun watching them get all of their energy out. Hillsdale is another favorite place of ours. We spend a lot of time on Hillsdale Lake every summer swimming and fishing.

•What advice would you have for the next Bride? My advice for the next bride is to let things happen as they will. As brides, we often spend so much time stressing over the big day, wanting everything to go exactly like we see it in our heads. Nothing goes absolutely 100% as we imagine it and that is okay. Let things happen as they will, try your best to be okay with that, and just let it be. It’s not worth stressing about every detail. Your big day will be absolutely beautiful no matter what. Enjoy the ride.

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