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Mary Kate & Tyler’s Wedding 10.26.19

Mary Kate & Tyler’s Wedding 10/26/19

📸Photographer: Thomas J McNamara.

When did you realize he was the one?

*I realized he was the one when he let me drag him to a 98 Degrees concert and he never complained.

How did you two meet?

*We met on Tinder

What advice would you have for the next Bride?

*My advice would be to slow down and savor every minute of it. It goes by way too quickly. And make sure to spend some time just you and your spouse on the big day.

Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place?

*Our favorite song is “Latch (accoustic)” by Sam Smith. It was also our first dance song. Our favorite place is the Liberty Memorial which is why we took our wedding pictures there.

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