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Madelyn & Craig’s Wedding 2.1.2020

Updated: May 15, 2020

Madelyn & Craig’s Wedding


Photographer: Heather Rose Photography

Makeup : @carolyn_posted

Hair: @stylesbyalishazielinski

*How did you two meet:

Craig and I met in May 2015 down in Gulf Shores, AL. We went to different universities, but we were both involved in our campus ministry during college and attended their summer leadership project. We became friends that summer, but really nothing more than that. Through the years we saw each at leadership meetings and would catch up. Again, we both thought of each other as just good friends at that time. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 when we truly reconnected. Craig accepted a job in Kansas City, and we were both attending the same church that summer. Our group of friends would go out to brunch following church, and that is when Craig started to “notice me”. He waited several months to ask me out on a date, but in early 2019 he called me up on a random ‪Tuesday night‬ and asked me on a date. We dated for about 8 months before he popped the question on September 21, 2019, and asked me to marry him. Due to our schedules and wanting to make sure our friends and family could make it to the wedding, we chose to have a quicker engagement and got married on February 1, 2020, in Kansas City, MO.

*What advice would you have for the next Bride?

I would encourage any Bride to take a few moments throughout their special day to just pause and take in the little moments. Everyone told me that the day would go by super fast, which is so true! However, I took several moments throughout the day to just pause and take a mental picture. The day seems like a blur, but by pausing and taking a mental picture I have very sweet memories of getting ready, sitting in the room with my gals before walking down the aisle, holding Craig’s hand and looking at him during the ceremony, sitting at the head table looking out at all our friends and family, and having a glass of water during the reception watching all my friends dance the night away. Those little moments and mental pictures are such sweet treasures from Craig’s and I’s special day.

*When did you realize he was the one:

I realized he was the one in July. I had traveled to the east coast for a family reunion, and while I was on the plane flying back to Kansas the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” started playing on my Spotify. I started tearing up as I thought about Craig and our relationship. I already knew he was my best friend, but it was at this moment that I knew he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

*Do you both have a favorite quote/ song/ place:

We love the song “Blessed” by Thomas Rhett. We ended up choosing it for our first dance.

We also love Clinton State Park in Lawrence, KS, because it was where we had our first date and got engaged.

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