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Leigha & Chris’s Wedding 9.21.19

Leigha & Chris’s Wedding 9/21/19

📸Photographer’s Name: Julia Stafford & Marcus Wright

Makeup :: @dayanablackmua

Hair :: @stylesbyAlishazielinski

*How did you two meet?

Chris and I met back in 2010, he played soccer at the community college in my hometown. Our friendship grew strong over the years, we helped each other through some difficult times in our lives. He was my best friend. It wasn’t until 2013 that I realized I had feelings for him and come to find out, he felt the same way. We decided to give it a try and almost 7 years later, we’re married.

*When did you realize he was the one?

I would say the moment he met my family was when I knew he was the one. Right from the start he won them over. It takes a lot to impress my dad and brother, but he barely had to try. And now, he’s their favorite child. Lol

* Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place?

One of our favorite songs would have to be “One Man Band”- by Old Dominion, which was played as walked down the aisle at our wedding.

* What advice would you have for the next Bride?

For future brides, just live in the moment. Enjoy the the process of planning. Not everything may go as planned, but it’ll all come together and be beautiful. At the end of the day, you get to marry your best friend and that makes it all worth it.

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