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Kacie & Tanner 12•17•21

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Kacie & Tanner 12•17•21

Photographer: @stacibrucksphoto

•How did you meet: a good ole bar! Tanner asked one of our mutual friends: “Who is that? You have to introduce me” and my friend turned to me and said “that guy is in love with you”. We were friends for years after our first meeting and then started dating a year out of college!

•When did you realize he was the one? I knew Tanner was the one when he continued to impress me, he kept getting better with time. His consistency and the peace he brought to my life made it a no brainer. He’s like nobody else I’ve ever met! Also- have you seen him? 😉

•Favorite song/place/quote:

We opted out of a wedding welcome sign and instead displayed a sign with our favorite quote: “True love is when both people think they’re the lucky one.”

•Advice for the next bride: make your wedding feel like you!! Before Tanner and I made any decisions, we made sure we were doing it for us and not just because it was traditional. This made our day feel so much more special and personal.

Anddd make a separate email before you start planning.

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