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Jordan & Jon's Wedding

Hair and make up by: Alisha

Photos by : Eternal Focus Photography

How did you two meet? We met running in cross country and became those best friends who shared music and mixed CD's with each other.

When did you realize he was the one? Since we started dating Sophomore year of high school marriage really wasn't on our radar until we graduated and life got real. We had changed so much since we first started dating and needed time to step back and see if we were still headed in the same direction.This was probably around the time I knew I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him.He was not only my best friend who I could be silly with but he was also someone who I could talk about the hard stuff in life. I could see him as a leader spiritually and for our future family and I wanted to be the one to encourage him and grow with him.

Do you both have a Favorite Quote? / Song? / place?


Song: Coldplay Yellow

What advice would you have for the next bride? The advice I would give the next bride is to take a marriage counseling class before you are married. This was probably one of our favorite things we did before we got married because it got us talking and thinking about expectations we might have about kids, sex and work and how we deal with conflict and a lot more stuff I would have never thought to discuss and see if we desire the same things.

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