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Fighting the awkward stage!!


The hardest part about growing your hair out is that awkward in-between stage. The awkward stage is usually right when your hair starts hitting your shoulders. Urge just to chop the hair off. "It feels blah" "It has no volume".

1. Accept it. Realize that it's just the difference between short and long hair that you will get used to it.

2.Get it shaped. Growing your hair out doesn't mean STOP getting it trimmed.I recommend going in every 6 to 8 weeks just to have it "shaped".Getting it shaped will Keep the length but also Keep it fresh and Keep your locks growing.It will help you feel like you still have an actual style, not just a grown out haircut.

3. Curl it. When I grew my hair out, I curled my hair almost every single day to disguise the awkward stage.If you are tempted to cut it off, try wearing it curly. Curls will add the volume and will help avoid the blah feeling.

4.Put it up.I also when I was growing it out I put my hair up a lot.Experiment with different styles, Braids were my go to along with cute ponytails,and simple up styles. The variety will help you enjoy your hair more.

*As for color: Avoid anything too drastic so you don't end up damaging it and ruining your progress. Sometimes a little change with the color is all you need.

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