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Static Hair? Remember that dry air?

Remember that dry air?...

* One of the reasons your hair is conducting an electric charge, " Your hair is dehydrated." Harsh winters leave that hair of yours feeling dry.

Tricks that I use to help that frustrating static hair:

1. Conditioning Treatments: (Feed your hair moisture)

Weekly conditioning treatments/ leave in conditioners are a great way to start getting some moisture back into that hair of yours.

2. Hairspray: (Oh the good old faithful hairspray)

Simply hairspray your metal comb with hairspray. Comb from the roots to the tips of the hair.

*Plastic combs and brushes are balloons that you're running through your hair.

"Metal comb" Static will attach to the metal rather than the strands of your hair.

*Hairspray will help tame any of those flyaways without causing the hair to feel crunchy.

3. Dryer sheets / Hair sheets: Fight frizz on the go!

4. Hair Oils: Give your hair some TLC by moisturizing your hair strands.

*Can be applied on dry hair throughout the day to keep fly away.

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