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Amber & Jacobs Wedding

Wedding Date: April 30th 2016

Hair by : Alisha and Laura

Photos by: Whitney Cathleen Photography

How we met?

We met in the way most people say doesn’t work… at a bar. I was out with my girlfriends having one of those “ all men suck” kind of nights and up comes this sweet cute guy asking me to dance. I was not having it but my friends encouraged me to talk to him. We danced and exchanged numbers a few weeks later we were dating.

When did you realize he was the one? I knew about a year after we started dating that he was the one. He had all the qualities that were important to me in a husband. He is kind, patient (most of the time), family is important to him, he is a self-starter and a very hard worker.

Favorite thing to do? We don’t really have a favorite song/quote/or place but our favorite thing to do would be traveling. It’s exciting and fun to experience new things and places together. We love to be outdoors so one of our favorite places to travel is Colorado.

Advice for the next bride? My advice would be to not take things to seriously. We see all these amazing “Pinterest” weddings that are perfect, but nothing is ever perfect. There will be times when the napkins aren’t the perfect shade of blue or a second cousin twice removed wants to know where their invitation is , but at the end of the day these things won’t matter. Your wedding should be about celebrating the love between the two of you with those people that are close to you. There will be things that go wrong but it’s not the end of the world and most guest will not even notice them.

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